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How to stop starting and make internet marketing work

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Dear Results Seeker,

  • Are you finding internet marketing a bit frustrating?
  • Have you bought stuff that came nowhere near expectations?
  • Do you just want to know what it takes to be successful?

I know I did. Two years ago I started “buying and trying”. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of hard earned cash and got very little in return. I can remember my stomach knotting up when friends asked “hows that internet marketing thing going?”

I went to seminars and kept in touch with other delegates – people who just wanted to earn a living and live life on their terms.

It soon became clear that I was not alone in my frustration. Apparently 95% of entrants to internet marketing fail. Today even that figure might be a little optomistic. Not only is there more competition hotting up but theres a bewildering array of marketing techniques available. Just keeping up with it all takes alot of time but the good news is that a lot of it you do not need.

What is vital to success is good time management. This is the one the thing all successful business people have.

To get the best results and you need to know how to best use your time. You can do it! but you need a plan that suits you. You are a unique individual with your own way of doing things. For you to be truly successful you have to find your own way. Find out how at the bottom of this page (for free).

The reality is that there are no easy answers. I now earn all my income through the web. It’s taken me a while and I’ve failed enough times to learn a few things:

  • Find a niche (preferably outside internet marketing)
  • Focus on delivering real value to your customers
  • Organise and plan your time

Do these things and you will be successful. Never has there been a better time to really take control of your destiny and earn a full time income on-line where and when you want.

  •  No one else is going to make you successful – only you can
  • No one will make decisions for you – only you should be in control of your life
  • No one else will do it for you – only you can decide what you want to do
  • No one else is going to invest on your behalf – only you should decide your future

If you want some help to make this happen for you, download my free e-book (Stop Starting and) Make Money Internet Marketing.

To begin with this may seem a little daunting. However the power of todays internet is such that everything is there for you. Almost everything that you could want is free! What you do need to pay for, very often you can get a free trial. There are some truly inspiring stories of how people came from nothing, risked everything and really made something of their lives.

To help you find a path through the internet marketing maze have created a free twenty one page guide on planning and time management. It also takes the lid off some of the techniques that marketeers use to separate you from your money.

This step by step guide has been written specially for those who really want to finally make money internet marketing. Theres a bit of my own story in here but I’ve also had this looked over by some established marketeers who had this to say:


Mike values honesty above all else so it is no surprise his latest ebook comes form the heart and sets out from his own experience the true way in which any budding internet marketeer can find their way through the maze of business opportunities and business distractions that crowd people’s inboxes. He presents his insight simply and makes some very useful practical suggestions for pursing your online venture.

Jonathan Kron
Business Consultant & Entrepreneur


Mike, Great read! You’ve really taken the lid off BizOpp marketing I can see why you’re making such progress

Chris Cobb

Inside you’ll learn:

  •  Focus – knowing what you want
  • Planning – working out what to do
  • Time management – using your time to do the plan

This has taken me a long time to “get” but now I’ve put it all down in an easy to use guide you can take advantage of my time to give yourself more time and great results.

To get the current version of (Stop Starting and) Make Money Internet Marketing just enter your name and address in the form below to receive a free copy. You wont regret it!


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